Implementing ActiveLink in Next.js and Chakra

How to implement an Navlink for Chakra and Next.js the easy

Kenneth Coffie

3 min read

a year ago

Intercepting http requests in Axios

Intercept outgoing or incoming requests with Axios interceptors.

4 min read

a year ago

6 free services for web developers

Check out some free and open source web services that make your lives easier

6 min read

a year ago

How to send serverless emails with Next.js and Sengrid.

Sending emails shouldn't be difficult in 2021. Use Next.js and Sendgrid to send transactional mails easily

5 min read

a year ago

Deploying your Adonis v5 applications on Heroku

A simple tutorial on how to deploy your Adonis.js v5 on Heroku. Also learn to provision your databases too.

7 min read

a year ago

How to write a simple CLI in Node.js

Writing a CLI in Node.js the simple way using inquirer.js

4 min read

a year ago

Using custom fonts in react native

Learn to use custom fonts in your React native applications on IOS and Android with ease

4 min read

2 years ago

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